Tailwind CSS versions

If you are new to Tailwind CSS, you may be wondering what version you should use.

New users often ask themselves questions such as:

  • What is the latest version?
  • What are the changes in the latest version compared to the previous one?
  • Is the latest version stable already?
  • Is there sufficient support in the form of third-part tools, plugins, and add-ons for the latest version?
  • What version should I use?
  • Which version does this tutorial apply to?

Let's answer these questions one by one. It will be quite short.

What is the latest version of Tailwind CSS?

The latest version is Tailwind version 3. Its stable release took place on December 9, 2021.

What are the most important changes in the latest version?

Quoting from the official Tailwind CSS documentation:

  • Just-in-Time, all the time: lightning fast build times, stackable variants, arbitrary value support, better browser performance, and more.
  • Every color out of the box: including all of the extended palette colors like cyan, rose, fuchsia, and lime, and fifty shades of grey gray.
  • Colored box shadows: for fun glow and reflection effects, and more natural shadows on colored backgrounds.
  • Scroll snap API: a comprehensive and composable set of utilities for CSS-only scroll snapping.
  • Multi-column layout: so you can finally build that online newspaper you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Native form control styling: make checkboxes, radio buttons, and file inputs match your brand without reinventing the wheel.
  • Print modifier: control how your site looks when someone prints it, right from your HTML.
  • Modern aspect ratio API: no more padding hacks, well unless you need to support Safari 14, which you probably do, but still.
  • Fancy underline styles: the missing piece to making that side-project of yours finally take off.
  • RTL and LTR modifiers: for complete control when building multi-directional websites.
  • Portrait and landscape modifiers: honestly just because they were really easy to add.
  • Arbitrary properties : now Tailwind supports CSS properties we’ve never even heard of.
  • Play CDN: the new Just-in-Time engine squeezed into a CDN script that runs right in the browser.
  • Tons of other utilities: including support for touch-action, will-change, flex-basis, text-indent, scroll-behavior, and more.

Is the latest version stable already?

Yes, it is already stable as of December 9, 2021.

It took a long time to develop, so it is extremely refined, carefully prepared and ready to use.

Is there sufficient support in the form of third-part tools, plugins, and add-ons for the latest version?

Virtually everyone has already migrated to the latest version and new solutions are created basically only for the newest version 3.

What version should I use?

I hope that after the arguments above, this is already a simple answer for you.

Use Tailwind CSS version 3.

Which version does this tutorial apply to?

Of course, this tutorial is for the latest version, Tailwind CSS 3.

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