Pricing cards

In the previous lesson, we learned how to use the basic cards in Tailwind. Now we will use this knowledge to create custom cards that will be used to build the pricing section.

Step 1 - add pricing section with a grid

Below the "Details" section, add another "Pricing" section. Place a grid with 3 columns and lg breakpoint in it. Also, add a heading.

Step 2 - add pricing cards

Now let's add empty cards containing only the header with the title.



Step 3 - add prices, buttons and lists

We have already learned all this in previous lessons, so there is no point in dwelling on it.


$ 129 /year

  • Unlimited updates
  • Git repository
  • npm installations

Let's add similar content to the rest of the cards. Of course, you can customize the texts to your preferences.

This is what the finished "Pricing" section should look like:

John Doe

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