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Frequently asked questions

How the "Lifetime Usage" works?

After purchase, you can use TWE in your projects forever. You will get updates & support for the first 12 months. After that, you can renew the license to get another year of updates & support. If you don't renew, you can keep using TWE in the latest version released during the 12-month period.

Can I test TWE before purchase?

Certainly! We recommend you try out TWE, you can download it for free here. The free version includes components and functionalities that will allow you to test the TWE package in your project. In order to use TWE in your commercial projects without limitations, you need to purchase a commercial license.

Can I use TWE for commercial purposes?

Yes, after you purchase a commercial license, you can use TWE in your commercial projects without limitations. The License grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of the Product in commercial projects, in accordance with the EULA.

How many projects can I build with TW Elements

The number of commercial projects that you can build with the license is specified by the license tier. You can choose between 1 project in the Single Use tier, 5 projects in Multi Use tier, or unlimited projects in Essential, Advanced and Bundle tiers.

What does the "project" mean in the license?

The project is defined as a domain / app. Even with 1 project you can have multiple subdomains i.e. you can publish your app on example.com domain, and have an additional module at module.example.com. With the unlimited projects license (essential, advacned & bundle), you can publish your projects on as many domains as you want.

How many developers can use TWE license?

Licences purchased from the "Individuals" section are intended for use by a single developer. In the "Teams & Enterprise" section you have the option to select a greater number of seats depending on the size of your team. This allows multiple developers within your team or organisation to use the TWE licence.

Will I get an invoice? Is VAT included in the price?

You will get an invoice, and the VAT is already included in the price. During the checkout process, you will be able to fill out your company details (including VAT ID) and get an invoice based on them. If you forgot fill out your company details, you can do so after the purchase. Just contact us at tailwind@mdbootstrap.com.

Can I sell templates, themes or UI Kits that I build with TWE?

No, in accordance with the commercial license , you can't sell templates or UI Kits that are in direct competition with TWE. You can build an app or website template for sale, build systems like admin dashboards, CRMs, ERPs, a front-end for a subscription service etc. but you can't sell a template that is a direct copy of TWE.

What distinguishes premium support?

With Premium Support your tickets are guaranteed to be answered by a professional developer - a member of TWE staff specialized in a given technology. Tickets are usually answered within 1 workday. The number of support tickets you can create is always unlimited.

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Interactive tables & charts - everything you need to display your data in a beautiful and legible way.



Methods are used to perform actions on elements. Take your project to another level with advanced TWE methods & extensive API documentation.



Multiple variations of navigation configurations. Simple navbars, detailed sidenavs, multi-level megamenus and more.


Content & styles

Multiple content & style options that you can use to build your custom experience.



Easy to implement & customize, basic and advanced forms with validation.


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You don’t have to publish your source code anywhere

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